*Classes by Gainor are taught at Carrollwood Cultural Center, Tampa, Florida, on a 6 week rotating basis throughout the year. The class schedule may be viewed online and in a printed catalog which may be picked up at the Center. Registration for classes may be done online by credit card or in person at the Center’s office or by calling 813 269-1310. Gainor may be reached at 813 469-1641 or email

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Materials Fee $15.00
Fee Applies to canvas, paints, and printed materials

“People will laugh at me”

“Members of my family are painters, but they told me not to try it”

“I took art in school, but was terrible”

“I always wanted to paint, and my favorite TV shows are those art shows, but I’m afraid to try it”

“I don’t know where to begin and a formal class is, well… too intimidating!”

Does that sound familiar? Well, here is your chance to visit a very small group of like-minded folk. All the mystery has been removed, and each person will receive a lightweight canvas, printed with an outline of the still life that is set up on the table before you. Everything is supplied. We use Acrylic paint that dries very fast, so you can take it home after the class is over. You will be supplied with brushes to use, paints, and a printed schematic of the still life as a guide to the painting. The non-threatening instructor will help you as much as possible, and because the class is purposely small she can visit with you often.

Project we will be painting. The photo on the left is the printed canvas and the photo on the right is the colored sample with some of the paint colors you might use.

Please note: we will have a new project to paint this spring but this one will be available.