*Classes by Gainor are taught at Carrollwood Cultural Center, Tampa, Florida, on a 6 week rotating basis throughout the year. The class schedule may be viewed online and in a printed catalog which may be picked up at the Center. Registration for classes may be done online by credit card or in person at the Center’s office or by calling 813 269-1310. Gainor may be reached at 813 469-1641 or email

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Materials Fee $8.00

Fee applies to print handouts, photo printing
and overlay materials

Today photography is so commonplace and cheap we don’t even think about shutter snapping and selfie abilities of cell phones, and not to mention the myriad choices of point-and-shoot cameras and the mysterious DSLR cameras and their totally confusing menu choices!

But wait a moment…this is an art class, right?

Using photography in their art was done in secret by artists for centuries. It was thought to be “cheating” and “cheapening” their work. I painted for at least 20 years before resorting to a photograph, and that was because I was tired of painting decaying fruit and flowers that was in a still life that had lost its life because I was busy with other things.

I was also taught that using magazines and calendars as reference for artworks was a big no-no. Aside from the copyright problems involved it was thought that we needed direct knowledge of our subject, and that we needed to use our own photographs. Many of my students clip stuff from magazines, or use photography found online today, it makes a difference in their work, subtle, yes, but a freshness is lost, due to the camera’s limitations, and worse I have seen people try to paint from a tiny 4 x 6 print a very large portrait. Professional photographs of kids are all copyrighted and if used, need to be changed.

In this 3 session class we will investigate the camera choices, how to take photographs for paintings, how to crop and edit your photographs, software choices, how to enlarge a photograph and tile print it, and how to use a clear plastic overlay for checking accuracy as you go along.

For the 3rd session you will bring in a canvas no bigger than 16 x 20, and we will get your photographic image transferred to it. You will then paint it at home, using whatever medium you like!